Nov 21, 2011

Auntie Joy's 50 Birthday

What makes a party a party? Is it the food? The program? The Music? Although all of those are important, a party isn't a party without the guests, and oh boy, the guests at Joy Wang's 50th birthday party were some of the craziest people I've ever met. Pairing that up with the hilarious people from SPIT, gave the recipe to a wacky, loud and slightly naughty night!

The setting for the party was way too perfect. Joy Wang, who celebrated her 50th birthday in the...wait for it...Joy Ballroom on 11-11-11. It must be a really lucky day for her. Happy birthday, Auntie Joy! Thank you to my best friend, Abby and her sister Agnes for inviting me to shoot for the special occasion. Thanks to Uncle Alex, Alexis and the Cardboard Cut-out of AJ as well!

Althea Girang's Debut

Debut season is nearing its end for me. That's when you know that you're getting old. One of my last friends to have her debuts is Thea. Half of the guests were relatives and the other half were college friends and everyone was just loud and ready to party it out! Aside from being their honorary photographer *ahem*, I was also part of the cotillion group with my clumsy *hehe* but lovely partner, Gail. I love you guys! And we did a great show! :D

Happy birthday to my favorite little girl, Thea. We had a great time and I guess we'll be doing this again at your wedding ;)

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