Jun 22, 2013

A Turtle Walk in Morong Bataan

My recent trip to Morong, Bataan wasn't just another beach outing. My friends and I stayed at the Pawikan Conservation Center camping out by the beach and we had the very special task of scouting the shoreline for newly laid Sea Turtle eggs as well as releasing hatched turtles into the ocean safely. Add to that a little bit of island hopping in between, it was one of the best trips to the beach I've ever been on!

The Pawikan Conservation Center is always looking for volunteers to help them save the Sea Turtle population. Why not spend your next vacation to the beach doing something for mother nature?


  1. Hi! Really interested in going here. Just want to ask how much the fees were? Entrance, camping, tent rentals if any. And if there are shower rooms and toilets nearby. Thank you! :)

    1. I love this place! I'm thinking of returning this December with friends. The accommodations are affordable because it is really a conservation center not a hotel. For a big group of around 6 people P2,000 is more than enough to get you through the weekend with happy tummies!


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