Oct 9, 2012


I don't know if it's true what they say about history repeating itself but we pushed the definition in this project. Re-History tires to capture the spirit of photographs from Philippine history, iconic or anonymous. The concept of recapturing history is really quite interesting. And no matter how close we get to the first photo, we know it'll never be exactly the same. Something to ponder on for the night. :o?

Models: Nicko Caluya (Taruc) and myself (Ninoy);  Rio Tanchuling (Teacher), Ian Hermogenes, Regina Velez, Enzo Mendoza, Jamie Ozamiz, Jess Orense, Nicko Caluya, Sam Buyco (Students); Carl Sy (Japanese), Nikko Bacalzo and Xander Cruz (Victims); Xander Cruz (F. Marcos), Maan Mendoza (Imelda), Carl Sy (Bystander #43)

Special thanks to Maan Mendoza and Mo Maguyon!
This series was completed for Sir Giron's History class.

"Young Ninoy Aquino negotiates with Hukbalahap Leader Luis Taruc."

"Thomasites visit the country to educate the Filipinos."

"One of the many occurrences of beheading during the Japanese occupation."

"President Ferdinand Marcos declares Martial Law. First Lady Imelda Marcos stand behind him."

Impressive or does it still need work? I'd love to hear your comments!
Salut! Matt

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