Nov 22, 2012

Puerto Princesa Getaway

Being just a few months shy from graduation, I've decided that the theme of this chapter in my life is to "get lost in adventure" I've always had a heart for travel, but until recently, that was synonymous to travel agencies, hotels and tourist-friendly gift shops. With the exception of the souvenir shops (shot glasses, magnets and all), I'm ready for bigger adventure, and what better place to start that than with the beautiful island of Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

I was invited by my friend, RJ to tag along on this trip with his blockmates just a week before scheduled take off. I didn't have the money then but I knew I had to take the trip! And I found a way. So with the generous money loaning service called my mom (thanks, Ma!), I'm able to show you guys these breathtaking photos from my first visit to Puerto Princesa!

Heading down the world famous Underground River! Deep breath now!!

Phew! Made it! I see the exit!

What Philippine Island Adventure is complete without a bit of snorkeling? The photos taken by our underwater cam were priceless!

This island does an Atlantis and goes underwater during high tide.

Here comes the tide *cue organ music*


Yikes! I'm keeping my limbs close by before they become the next meal!!

And what trip is complete without a couple of drinks at the Tiki Bar?

The best takeaway from the trip is this completely customizable shirt from the wonderful Grace and Ramil Laraga of Hilltop Printshoppe. Their goal is to make you a shirt you'll leave 100% satisfied with, and they sure did their job! They even let me put my name on the sleeve and the aperture symbol at the back was specially designed for this shirt by Ramil himself! This shirt set me back 280 pesos and it was the best purchase I made the entire trip (food excluded :o)) I'm so happy with my shirt, I'm sharing it with you guys. Hilltop Printshoppe has its main branch at Tinagge San Miguel Stall 8 and 10 and is available as well at the tiangge in front of the Palawan Crocodile Farm, phase 2, stall 10. Thank you both for being so accommodating, Ramil and Grace! I'm buying a second one when I return (which I will)!

A big shout out to all my new friends both from Manila and Puerto Princesa! Thanks to Zy and her family for being the best hosts during our trip! We enjoyed our trip so much thanks to you guys!

This is the first of many adventures to come, because hey, I'm graduating this March!! So watch out for more posts that I'll be sneaking in between client shoots! :o) To a life of getting lost and finding yourself. Cheers! - Matt Lee

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