Apr 29, 2012

The Woodland Bride

Elegance and the outdoors in perfect unison in our bridal shoot for Imagine Nation's Purpose Driven Photographer. In this shoot, I got a chance to learn under the instruction of the masters Danielle Tan and Derrick Lim. What a privilege! :o) It was such a fun shoot too, having all my batchmates and friends along. :o) The future looks bright and things are just gonna get better and better! Stay tuned for more! :o)

Modeling by Kimberly Lim
Makeup by Jo Koo
Hair by Danielle Tan
Special Mention to all my friends: Christie, Kim, Farah, Tasha, Winter, Herlyn, Miekie, Miza, Jom, there, Randy and Derrick. We missed you Jim!

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