May 29, 2012

Trashy Chic

Hey folks! So some pretty exciting news this week!
You've heard me talk about this before, and now it's finally happening! I will by flying out to the West Coast on June 2! Finally get some real R&R with my family. :o)

Here's our travel itinerary for the trip:
June 2-5 Portland, 5-8 Seattle, 8-13 Alaska, 14 Victoria, 15-16 Seattle
If you guys are in the vicinity, hit me up! You could send me a message via Facebook or email me at, I'd love to meet-up with you. :o) I officially get home on the 17th and I'm not sure how much internet access I'll be getting there so I'll leave this entry behind, one for the road!

This is a studio session that we had for Imagine Nation's Purpose Driven Photographer. It's a first of mine to work with studio lights but I'll definitely be dabbling in studio more often in the near future especially since my friends have opened up a studio along Katipunan extension. :)

So here are some photos from the series: Trashy Chic
Credits for the amazing (seriously!) dresses go to Carina Rodriguez and her team. These guys made 2 dresses from Newspaper and Garbage Bags in under 4 hours. Great work, guys!

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