Jul 20, 2013

Have You Met Roxci de Leon?

I first knew Roxci only on stage when I watched our university production of "Little Shop of Horrors". Her performance was mindblowingly amazing and needless to say, very memorable. I've been a fan of Roxci's ever since. Who knew that a year later I'd be joining the same theatre company that put on that very show and we'd become good friends.

Since then, I've been able to get to know Roxci as much more than a performer-slash-actress-slash-singer. She's perky yet professional, stylish yet sensible, and knows how to have fun! Needless to say, we get along real well! :) :)

Before doing this shoot, I've worked with Roxci as a stylist for the Mundane Series. Now she's ready to take her stuff in front of the camera! So, have you met Roxci de Leon? :)

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