Jul 6, 2013

The July Reveal: The Expanded Mundane Series + The Cinemagraph Debut

As promised, July delivers the most exciting news of an ongoing project. The conceptualization actually began as early as January 2012. I had an idea to have a shoot about gender roles of women in the 1950s and dubbed it The Mundane Series. You've probably already seen the first set of photos on the blog before

After what the production team and I considered to be a big success, expanding the project to turn it into a series was the next logical step with an additional dimension. The idea was to give the subjects of the photos an entire identity. Each woman had a name, birthday, occupation and interests. I believe this makes each of them more real to the viewer and draws him into her story.

The second thing that makes these photos more real is that they literally move! Continuing the Cinemagraph technique of shooting I used on the first shoot, the women come to life as something in between a photo and a video--or simply a Cinemagraph.

Over the next year or so, I worked with different groups of young, amazing artists from different universities across Manila to create one character after another until I had over half a dozen women as part of the series.

Along with The Mundane Series this also marks the debut of my cinemagraph style announcing that it will become a regular part of my shoots in the future. I'm telling you the possibilities are endless! :)

"The Mundane Series" was also the submission made that garnered the Loyola Schools Awards for the Arts 2013 in Photography last March 2013 at Ateneo de Manila University. Needless to say it is one of my proudest works to date! :o)
With my proud parents! :oP

"Thank You"s are in order for these talented individuals who made up our great team:
Models: Joanne Pamin, Tin Montes, Arizza Tamayo, Bryant Garduque, Abigail Wang, Jess Orense Micah Barker, Eunica Lim
Hair and Make-up Artists:  Bambi Barcelona of Techniques, Pael Gutierrez of The Miracle Project, Beatrice Chua, Karen Fernandez, Trish Cruz, Kim Santana, Micah Barker, Felyne Siao
Stylists: Robert "Berry" Camalig, Roxci de Leon, Felyne Siao, Joanne Pamin
Shoot Assistants and BTS People: RJ Lorico, Joanne Pamin, Adrian Begonia, Kaye Bata
Special Thanks To: Veronica Lee and Family, Cesa Swimwear, AFP Museum

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