Dec 1, 2011

Richard and Elain Wedding

A wedding is a momentous event not only for the bride and groom's families but for their close friends as well, especially if you've known them both for years! Chard and Elain are my choirmates and the entire choir has been anticipating this wedding all throughout the year! Yup, aside from taking photos, I sang for their wedding as well! (Maybe I could get a reputation as The Singing Photographer)

My favorite part of the wedding was when Chard and Elain made their entrance to the reception by singing a wonderful duet. Oh, you could really feel the romance when these two lovebirds begin to sing! :D

Congratulations to Chard and Elain and to your families as well! I hope life brings you only the most wonderful things!


  1. Hey! Thanks for the post :D I so love your photos :D I haven't write my blog yet, actually I remove all my blogs (long story) But you made me feel like blogging back again. Thanks for everything, for the wonderful photos you captured. You really are a singing photographer! :D

    Atchi Elain

  2. You're very welcome :) It was a beautiful wedding! And you two were the Singing Bride and Groom! Much love and luck for your marriage. :)



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