Feb 29, 2012

Jacob's Bahay Kubo

Today was a play day with my 3-year old cousin, Jacob. I've been excited to do this since last week and although it started to rain when I got there, that wasn't gonna stop us from having our fun. :) 

The cutest thing about Jacob is that his favorite food is fruits and veggies! How many parents could say that? They're even his favorite toys! So our play date started out going to the market then learning about fruits and veggies from A-Z then going out to the garden to sing and play. Absolutely adorable!! We sang songs like 10 little indians, Bahay Kubo and Lupang Hinirang. Very nationalistic! :o)

I had a great time with Jacob and Auntie Amore, Auntie Jen and my mom today. Thank you all for such a fun afternoon. :)

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