Feb 1, 2012

Squeezing Some Creative Juices from the Pros

I had the privilege of attending a great talk prepared by the Loyola Film Circle called Kinetic Aesthetic. They had an amazing line-up of speakers! I was rendered speechless by the arrival of my favorite videographer in the world, Jason Magbanua. It was like seeing your crush for the very first time! He delivered the most inspiring and down-to-earth talk. I also got to talk to the guys of Mango Red for awhile after the show and they're really cool people. It would be awesome to get to shoot with them. Then there were Enzo Valdez and Dan Matutina and I gotta say they've got real good stuff! I'm a new fan of theirs!
Awesome talk was just awesome!!

Here's a segment from Jason Magbanua's presentation. The last part got messed up during recording but It's still slightly decipherable. I actually think it sounds hilarious!

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